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GNR Communique, Spring 2018


EXCITING NEWS: After a break from playing live, Clayton has two unique and interesting Bristol performances coming in April.


The first is for The People’s Front Room.  And if you don’t already know, The PFR is a festival venue and artists’ collective.  You may have partied with them at a festival, and you may be aware of their work.  They need your help to grow and develop – see here for details.



On the 14th of April, Clayton will play a rare set with his band The Boys From Marketing at a PFR night at Mr Wolf’s.  Come along and have a party and be The People of The People’s Front Room.



The other show is a very special one – a film premiere, no less.  Clayton appears in a new film called The Clifftop Sessions, by folk singer Martha Tilston.  Martha presents the film, with performances by her and other starts of the film.  24th April at The Wardrobe Theatre. For details and tickets, see here.



See you there, Bristolians.    


                                                   "Clayton Blizzard is a law unto himself"              

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