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GNR Communique, June 2017


EXCITING NEWS: It’s summer!  Let’s twist.  Again.


Clayton Blizzard will be appearing at the world-famous Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts

(or Pilton Pop Festival, as it’s known on the local news).  


If you’re there and would like to see him saying words, sometimes in rhythmic patterns (apparently, the children call it “rap”), sometimes even singing words and accompanying himself and others – do go along to The People’s Front Room.  It’s in the Circus Field.  

For details, follow Blizzard on Twitter or Facebook.



Blizzard will be appearing at some of these summer festivals that they have these days. Details to follow.



"Clayton Blizzard is a law unto himself"              "Clayton Blizzard is a lyrical genius"

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The Glorious New Regime

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