A Criminal Record (2005)

The debut album.  Self-produced, self-financed, self-aggrandising.

It’s not a bad first effort.  He was only young…


Track List:

1. Sing In Your Own Accent

2. Rhyming Under The Influence

3. Ya Basta Hermanos

4. Comic Belief

5. Sunset On The Severn

6. Grow Up

7. This Is The News

8. Another Working Day

9. God’s Country

10. But Enough About Me


"Blizzard’s cultural mash of rap/folk/politics is like nothing you have heard. Stripped down beats serve as a backdrop for a half sung, half spoken rap style that is both honest and engaging…. On top of this Clayton Blizzard is a lyrical genius".

Review from Last Hours


"The drums are too loud".

Roddy Chewins’ Review


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One Two Three Home (2009)

Blizzard’s second effort: older, wiser and funnier.


Track List:

Sad Music Is Uplifting

New Strings On An Old Guitar

Winning A Raffle, Losing The War

War On Words

Letter To America

Hang Up Your Brightest Colours

Union Man

Economics 101: The Natal Lottery

You Are Not Cool (And You Never Will Be)


"Clayton Blizzard is a lyrical genius. Despite admitting ‘All the best lines in (his) rhymes are stolen’ the way he twists words and phrases together is both intelligent and interesting…. Check it out right now!"

Tom Fiction, Last Hours


"Lyrically this finds Clayton Blizzard on top form, put across through his trademark mixture of folk and hip-hop. The ideas of peace, love and grass roots politics are major themes throughout, cut together with a razor sharp, yet self-deprecating and down to Earth wit that never feels preachy or forced upon".

Dan Tuesday, Last Hours


“…Beautiful sounding guitar and lyrics that make you chuckle while listening out for the next great line…a new twist on folk music which is something more inspired than both most commercial rap and most commercial folk.”

Screamlite Records


"Much better than the last one."


Analogue Is Better Than Digital (2012)

The brand new album....


Track list:

  1. Don’t Send Flowers When I’m Dead

  2.   Everything We Do Is A Dance Move

  3.   Just Being Born

  4.   Industrial Music

  5.   Function Creep

  6.   The Language Barrier

  7.   Where Are You? (A Song About God)

  8.   People Are Revolting

  9.   Another Soldier’s Song

10.   You Make Me Sick

11. Sleep Tight

12. This Is The Life


Author’s Note

This album was made in a two-stage process.  The first stage involved recording acoustic songs and sounds.  The analogue tracks from these sessions were then ripped apart and re-assembled as new songs.  The original recordings were the sole source material.  Vocals were then recorded for the new songs and the whole album was mixed together.



The author acknowledges that this work may be shared, distributed and re-produced in violation of the spirit and letter of copyright laws, and is ambivalent.

The author acknowledges the contributions of:

Dr Spin, Dr Groove and Mat Sampson.

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